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Updated: Mar 23, 2019


Find the courses and qualification you need for your future

There are 8 universities., 22 Colleges and Polytech, around 200 industry specific trainers plus the Police and NZ Defense forces all offering great events for parents caregivers and students to get on site and visit with current students, lectures and recruitment offices

No question you have is ever a dumb question, it just one you don't have an answer for.

Go to these events .. and ASK your unanswered question .

Get on site and have a roam around, each provider has a very different ' feel and presentation' . Go with the one that will FIT your learning preference and families values. Each organisation will have a website and links within to let you know when these events are on . If it not up yet , info on last years event will be . Join the Facebook pages for the training or qualifications you are interested in

TURN ON the notifications so you get info on the latest public events

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