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STAR: 2-Day Tertiary Courses for High Schoolers

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) funding is provided to schools for students in years 11-13 to provide or send students on 2-5 day courses run by tertiary and Industry trainers.

STAR funding may also purchase the learning content from Industry Training Organisations for a school subject or perhaps contract industry tutors to run short courses - (this will vary per school):

  • Performance Technology, - industry tutors teach Stage Manger and Lighting Technician standards with in the schools subject

  • Media Studies - 1 day course: Introduction to Video Editing taught by industry trainer

  • Out Door Education - 2 day course for Outdoor First Aid, Marine Medic, Day Skipper

  • Travel and Tourism : 3-5 day courses in Flight attending, or Tour guiding

  • Hard Materials : Carpentry and Mechanical NCEA standards provided by the ITO's BCITO and Competenz

  • Agriculture : 2-day courses in Farm bike safety , Introduction to Chainsaw Skills

Student can use this type of short tertiary training courses to support, explore and experience industry training while still at school .


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