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  • Costs of Living: The cost of living calculator will help you understand what it will cost to live as a student. It's intended as a guide to help first-time students who are new to living away from home.

  • Student Allowance Calculator If you are eligible for a Student Allowance, the amount you receive is determined by many factors, including: your income, your parents' income if you are aged under 24, who you live with and whether you have children.

  • Can you afford to study?: This online reality check to see if you can afford to study.

  • Sorted Money Planner:  Budgeting, Goal Planner, Find out what your Money personality and spending patterns are and calculate your net worth.

Curriculum Vitae


CV's Getting Started:  Careers NZ Website: Simple guidance from the career experts on building the perfect CV.

CV Builder Tool

Online Resume Builder: My Perfect Resume - online builder

Resume Templates:  Microsoft  Word Office Templates - Search Resume


Careers NZ is great resource for both parents and students. This website provides a database of NZ jobs, training requirements, income, and job prospects. 


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