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Career Identity

Identity is the Key to Making Good Future Career Decisions


Career can mean different things to different people, according to what your perspective is.


Traditionally, a career was viewed as a lifetime commitment with a predictable trajectory. A career was once seen as an occupation and there was a distinction between home and work roles.  


The technology revolution has changed the landscape and nature of careers. Students are faced with many options when they leave school and some are overwhelmed by the choices available.


We believe the key for students is to have a rock solid and consolidated identity of who they are. This is the fundamental core from which our students will make their future decisions.


A career is just not about entering the world of work but is part of one’s identity, an extension of self, in that an individual can find purpose and meaning in life.  


Equipping and enabling our students as awesome, unique and authentic individuals will empower them to connect their passion with purpose.  A way in which they can influence and make a positive contribution to society and be our future agents of change.

Our goal is to assist students to find the best options to travel their own unique career pathway.

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